‘I Wasn’t Born Last Night’ — Dallas Police Chief Scolds Jake Tapper For Asking Question About Gun Control [VIDEO]

Dallas Police Chief David Brown quietly chastised CNN’s Jake Tapper for asking a question about gun control on Sunday.

“The Obama administration’s response to a lot of the violence we have seen in the last week has been to talk about further regulations on gun ownership or gun control,” Tapper posed. “What is your view? Do you think that it’s too easy for individuals to get guns in this country?”

“Listen, Jake, I wasn’t born last night. Let’s let the policy makers solve that problem, do their job,” Brown responded. “I am a servant, so ask me a question about serving this country, and I’ll talk to you for hours.”

“You ask me a policy question that policy-makers haven’t resolved, I’m going to punt and kick it back to you.”


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