ILLEGAL Alien Who Caused Fatal Bus Crash in LA Was Hired By…

By now you may have heard about the gruesome bus accident killed two and injured dozens in Louisiana, on the way to help clean up the aftermath of Louisiana’s terrible flooding.

But now we know the accident happened when an illegal alien driving a bus full of other illegals plowed into an accident scene on their way to Baton Rouge. The driver had a history of citations for driving without a license, but that isn’t taken into account with deportations.

And even worse, the company that was used – and hires illegals instead of Americans – is owned by Louisiana politicians.


A company owned by a St. Tammany Parish constable and an Arkansas state representative hired the bus full of illegal workers that caused a fatal accident on Interstate 10 Sunday, and one of the workers with a particularly bad driving record was at the wheel.

WRS, an Arkansas company registered to three men — including Eddie Schmidt, the elected Ward 4 constable for St. Tammany Parish, and David Wallace, a state legislator from Leachville, Ark. – had a man named Edgar round up potential workers. Wallace told The New Orleans Advocate that WRS hired a bus to take the work crew to a commercial job site in the Baton Rouge area.

This is really an outrage. It’s the liberal immigration policies of Obama that allow illegal aliens to stay here and find work, but it’s even more insane that two local politicians would hire illegals and end up causing a fatal accident. How is this not front page news all across the country?

A lawyer for the company is now trying to throw the bus company under the bus (pun intended) by saying that they would have rejected all 24 illegal aliens. Really? Are we supposed to believe that people waste money like that for no reason whatsoever?

Here’s more about the accident from the advocate:

A grisly crash killed two people, including a fire chief, and injured dozens of others Sunday in St. John the Baptist Parish when a party bus shuttling workers to Baton Rouge for post-flood rebuilding plowed into a fire engine that had stopped at the scene of an earlier wreck on Interstate 10.

The driver of the bus, Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, a Honduran national, was booked on two counts of negligent homicide, negligent injuring, reckless operation and driving without a license.

Amaya, 37, told the authorities he did not have permission to be living in the country, said Trooper Melissa Matey, a State Police spokeswoman.

The crash claimed the lives of Spencer Chauvin, 36, of Gramercy, a district chief with the St. John Fire Services, and 21-year-old Jermaine Starr, of Moss Point, Mississippi, who had been in another vehicle struck by the bus.

These are two American citizens whose lives were snuffed out by an illegal alien because a company wanted to profit from cheap labor. This is unbelievable. 

Here’s more about the deaths:

How is it possible that people say there is no problem with illegal immigration when Americans are DYING from accidents caused by shameless politicians?!

What do you think? Should these politicians face some stiff consequences for the deaths they allegedly caused? Let us know in the comments section below!

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