Illegal Deported 19 Times Raped 13-Year-Old Girl On Bus – Jeh Johnson, Obama Guilty

In this case DHS was more not the typical illegal alien induction and hide agency that has become its primary function under the criminal administration of anti-American agitators Jihadi Jeh Johnson and Hussein Obama, it was also his travel services provider of choice.

The alleged rapist of a thirteen-year-old girl on a Greyhound bus as it traveled through Kansas, Mexican Tomas Martinez-Maldonado, has been deported 10 times and voluntarily removed from the U.S. in another nine instances since 2003. He’s one of those rare individuals that reveals DHS and ICE to be a bigger laughing stock than does the current criminal leadership.

Three GOP Senators are pounding their desks and stomping their feet claiming they want answers. If that were actually the case they’d have done something years ago when it mattered. What they’re seeking now is protection from their constituency and an opportunity to ride the Trump coattails while pretending to be men of action.

Kansas Senators Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts and Iowa Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley sent a letter to the completely dysfunctional by design boob that heads DHS, Jihadi Jeh Johnson, demanding to know why the law wasn’t enforced, 19 times. They apparently don’t mind if it isn’t enforced three, four, eight, a dozen times, but 19 is where they draw the line; they want answers.

In their December 9th letter the Senators called it “an extremely disturbing case.”  There have been a lot of those, Senators, not the least of which resulted in Kate Steinle’s namesake legislation which failed to pass your worthless legislative body. While funding for the inappropriately titled Department of Homeland Security comes through Congress and anyone with half a brain can tell that Jeh Johnson is covering up for his lawlessness and abject refusal to do his job with every testimony before them, still they give him and Obama every dime they ask for, much of which is then diverted into counter-productive pro-immigration projects or side issues like the climate change hoax.

Mark Kirkorian, Center for Immigration Studies president stated that in many ways Kate’s law was only symbolic, as “Reentry after deportation is already a felony and the problem is that Obama’s Justice Department seldom prosecutes offenders.” Then clearly, it was time, as we American citizens have long been demanding, for Congress to stand up and do their jobs, to stop accepting criminal activity on the part of the executive branch when it is their Constitutional duty to provide oversight and remove such offenders from government “service.”

The blame game and finger pointing, standard fare and a science in itself for the Obama regime, has already begun. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it has placed a detainer — a request to turn Martinez-Maldonado over to ICE custody before he is released — with Geary County. Whether it was the first or number nineteen isn’t being discussed. As usual, ICE is hiding behind the “ongoing investigation” argument that allows them to continue to fail to do their jobs because their corrupt leadership prohibits it. The American people aren’t allowed to know the extent of the Obama regimes aggression against us.

A piece of educated crap that belongs behind bars right next to Johnson, Obama and accused rapist Martinez-Maldonado is David Trevino, an excuse-making Topeka immigration attorney. He said, it’s not unusual to see ‘immigrants’ with multiple entries without legal permission, what a normal, non-politically correct person who isn’t parasitically feeding off of the system would call a repeat offender illegal. He’s provided legal advice to the rapist’s family, probably through a grant at US citizen expense. He claims there’s nothing we can do about these situations and blames the reality that Martinez-Maldonado has family in both the US and Mexico.

Trevino said,”(President-elect Donald Trump) can build a wall 100 feet high and 50 feet deep, but it is not going to keep family members separated. So if someone is deported and they have family members here … they will find a way back — whether it is through the air, under a wall, through the coast of the United States.” This is the kind of unworthy idiot destroying our judicial system. You lock him up for a few times, Einsteino, maybe for two years the second time, five years the third, ten years the fourth, after a while he either gets the message and stays deported or he’s too old to make the trip. Either way we’ve got our license plates made and a piece of trash swept from our streets.

ICE told The Wichita Eagle in an emailed statement that when it encounters a person who’s been deported multiple times or has a significant criminal history and was removed, it routinely presents those cases to the U.S. attorney’s office for possible criminal charges.

That’s reassuring, once in a while, when it’s a bad enough situation, they’ll prosecute the foreigner. Guess it’s all up to that determination made by DHS as to what is the definition of multiple – maybe nineteen doesn’t quite qualify. All of these criminals need to face prosecution, particularly the leadership that betrayed the national trust and defied their oaths of office.

H/T: Rick Wells

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