I’m sure you will agree with me that to help build better America – We need to help DONALD TRUMP become our president

I believe you love America, our home. We – my wonderful wife Rosa and I – love America, for 34 years our new Home. I’m sure you also love your family. Being happy together for over 40 years, for Rosa and me love is the most important part of life. Our three wonderful boys also know what a true love is. Let’s teach together people about the importance of love within family and how to create and maintain happy relationships despite the life circumstances. Then it will be easier for each of us to love and respect also others, and to love and respect our home America. The situation now is really alarming and calling for immediate changes. People don’t know how to cope with all the challenges, and stress causes all kinds of deadly diseases, families disintegrate, children don’t get the proper attention and examples of proper behavior. Rosa and I have a deep knowledge in this field and the experience in passing it on to others in the way that enables them to instantly successfully apply it, for their happier and safer lives.


Donald Trump has a plan regarding the education system, but what we need is to teach also out of the regular school system. Rosa and I want to build, with the support and help of people like you, “Happy Life Training Centers” in many locations in USA, starting with the place where we live, Los Angeles. For people all ages, professions, and levels of education. There are so many important issues that escape people’s attention, just because we are all overwhelmed with tons of information pouring from everywhere. We want to share with people only what is really of value and what they can easily use. Did you know, for example, that baby’s mind is getting setup for a happy or stressful life, for a perfect or poor health not only before the baby is born, but the future parents’ thinking influences baby’s genes before the sperm and egg even get together? New laboratory tests confirm what ancient civilizations already knew and were deliberately using…

We are all responsible for well-being of our country and our nation, for the people who live here, in our wonderful country America.

Rosa and I want to start with our project as soon as possible. We have our initiatives described in detail since 2013 in our “Power of Love” project. Initiatives like how, using our knowledge and experience, we can help vets better cope with their emotional scars, help with the horrible dropout problem, and other issues of great importance for our country. But nobody we turned to for assistance, influential people and government representatives, expressed the interest in what we can offer and want to do. The present government is not interested in this kind of education, because they want to control us, the citizens, like it was under communism in the country of our origin, Poland.

Donald Trump is a great supporter of our heroes-vets, and he also understands the importance of the proper education out of the box, what he expressed, inter alia, in the book “Why We Want You To Be Rich” he wrote with Robert Kiyosaki. We need to help Mr. Trump to win the election. But to make it happen, we as the citizens have to realize what we need to accomplish, what changes our country needs.

Rosa and I are committed to work in this project forever – this is our passion. CONTACT US ASAP TO HELP US TAKE ACTION NOW!

Written by Witold Wolkowski!

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