Immediately After Hillary Won Nomination, Trump Made A Giant Move That Could Alter The Election

Republican presidential Donald Trump issued a call Tuesday night for the rivals of his rival to become his allies.

“To all of those Bernie Sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of superdelegates, we welcome you with open arms,” Trump said during a speech in Westchester, NY. “And by the way, the terrible trade deals that Bernie was so vehemently against — and he’s right on that — will be taken care of far better than anyone ever thought possible, and that’s what I do.”

Since claiming the Republican nomination, Trump has made it one of his priorities to reach out to Democrats who support the candidacy of the insurgent Vermont senator.

“To those who voted for someone else – in either party – I will work hard to earn your support, and I will work very hard to earn that support,” Trump said Tuesday.

“I understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle, and I will never, ever let you down,” Trump said. “I will make you proud of our party and our movement.”

Marina Coddaire, 25, of Woodbury, Ct., is the kind of Sanders supporter Trump may be targeting, saying “curiosity” drew her to attend a Trump rally in April.

“I feel that the core of both what Bernie’s movement is and Trump’s movement is, is the same. This anti-establishment, being upset with the way that our government has been run and how the mistakes that they’ve made have really damaged the middle class and have disenfranchised them,” Coddaire said. “This cry of change. The way that they’ve both gone about it is of course different but I still respect it.”

Coddaire said in April she would not support Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

h/t: TheBlaze

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