Immediately After Judge Controversy, Something Changed About Trump – Did You Spot It?

With critics, even from his own party, hand-slapping Donald Trump for going after the heritage of the federal judge in charge of the Trump University trial, liberal and conservative news media outlets alike noticed one major change with the way Donald Trump now addresses his supporters.

He’s using a teleprompter.

The Huffington Post declared Trump’s use of the teleprompter is because his “campaign [is] in crisis” and said the Republican Party has “devolved into chaos.” The Post even called Trump’s attacks on U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel as “overtly racist” and chose to refer to Trump as a “celebrity entertainer” instead of “businessman” or “Republican Party presidential nominee.”

But that can supposedly be expected from the liberal media source.

However, more objective and conservative media outlets also noticed Trump’s change in his public speaking engagements. The Independent Journal took notice of Trump’s teleprompter usage, but added that even using the teleprompter is no guarantee Trump won’t stray off topic to tell a joke here and there.

Kelsey Rupp of Independent Journal noted, “Tuesday night was only the third known time Trump has used a teleprompter. The other two instances both involved addressing large crowds for a specific purpose.”

The other two times Trump used a teleprompter was when he addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and at the Center for the National Interest, where Trump discussed his foreign policy plans.

Whether or not Trump will create a new habit for himself in using a teleprompter is anyone’s guess at this point. He will likely continue to do so, but can also be expected to stray off topic for the occasional Trump attempt at humor.

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