IMMEDIATELY After Obama’s Trans Bathroom Demand To Schools, Something MASSIVE Happened

In a letter written by Catherine E. Lhamon, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, and Vanita Gupta, of the U.S. Department of Education U.S. Department of Justice, schools must allow transgendered individuals to use the restroom of their choice, the locker room of their choice, and be allowed to participate on the sports teams of their choice, as well as be addressed by the pronoun of their choice.

While the letter is not law, the letter does carry the implicit threat (evidenced by Gupta’s signature) that public schools will lose their federal funding if they do not comply with the edict. The move has angered many school districts across the country, with concerns of safety and privacy being the main concern. Texas was the first state to reject the Obama administration’s transgender edict.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick implied Obama was betraying Texas just like Judas betrayed Jesus when Patrick told reporters that Obama, “can keep his 30 pieces of silver.” Patrick said the federal government gives nearly 2 billion dollars a year to Texas but that money goes to pay for the school breakfast and lunch programs. The Lt. Gov. asserted Obama will be taking food out of the mouths and bellies of the “poorest of the poor” of Texas’ children if the federal Department of Education decides to “blackmail” Texas over its bathroom policies by withholding federal funding to Texas schools. Patrick threatened to push public school tax dollars into school choice programs which would give rise to more Christian and private schools in Texas.

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