Immigrants Getting Citizenship To Vote Against Trump

Obama is paying for it all with a $10 Million Grant, and WAIVING the $680 application fee!  FREE CITIZENSHIP – as if it came out of a cracker jacks box!

Community organizers have been busy for MONTHS hosting citizenship workshops in multiple states with large Hispanic populations, in an effort to help Hispanic immigrants obtain their citizenship and register to vote – all with one goal in mind – to vote against GOP presidential front runner Donald Trump, due to what they perceive as his “anti-immigrant rhetoric.”

The Press Enterprise reports there is a massive rush of immigrants to citizenship workshops all across southern California, with community organizers assisting them in the application process.  The TODEC Legal Center in Perris, CA is just one of many locations helping with this effort.   TODEC is a pro-immigrant group serving “inland migrant communities” in the Riverside and San Bernardino areas and often assist over 100 people daily. Citizenship Drive 6_TODEC

In advertising a free citizenship clinic recently, TODEC posted a notice of the requirements – and exceptions:

Eligible applicants must have held a permanent resident card for at least five years.

The cost to submit an application with U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services is $680.  The workshop will also help eligible, low-income applicants to submit a FEE WAIVER.

Who funds this?    Who is behind the community organizers?

In March we reported that the Obama administration has announced $10 MILLION IN GRANTS to groups who will guide immigrants through the citizenship process, and will even allow applicants to pay the $680 fee with a credit card.

But, the United States government makes it easy – there is a FEE WAIVER option, if citizenship applicants can’t afford the $680.    If applications are already on welfare benefits of any kind, if they “have little or no income, are experiencing financial hardship due to medical bills or some other unexpected large expenses,” the $680 will be WAIVED.Citizenship Drive 7_TODEC

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About 8.8 million immigrants are eligible for citizenship, and about 2.7 million of those are Mexican.      Reportedly, 730,296 people became citizens nationwide in fiscal year 2015 – an 11 percent increase from the previous year.

In California, over 850,000 people registered to vote in the first three months of this year – twice as many compared to the same time period in the 2012 presidential election year – and the majority of that growth is Latino and Democrat.

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