India-Born Trump Megadonor: Trump is no Racist

From the moment Donald Trump announced his long-shot bid for the presidency, pundits claimed that he would not be able to secure enough minority voters to succeed.

This week, Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican presidential nomination, finishing his first step on his road to the White House. Now, we are getting insight into who helped him get this far, and they aren’t as white as the media would have you believe.

Shalabh Kumar, a  Hindu-American, Chicago businessman and Republican mega-donor, has emerged as one of the Trump campaign’s foremost fundraisers, donating nearly a million dollars to the GOP nominee’s campaign.

Since that news broke, Kumar has had to respond to allegations of racism in the Trump campaign, and he’s shooting down the notion entirely.

One of Donald Trump’s most consistent claims is that he’s going to win big with minorities. While he has some ground to make up — no doubt because of the Trump smear campaign lead by the mainstream press — he’s getting big money to help prove his cause.

CLEVELAND — A Hindu-American industrialist has emerged as one of Donald Trump’s biggest financial backers, saying his support for Trump proves the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is not a racist.

“A lot of people think that Trump is somewhat of a racist,” said Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, a Chicago-based businessman and Republican donor.

“His partnership with the Republican Hindu Coalition will set that aside.”

India-born Kumar, founder and head of the Republican Hindu Coalition, is one of only a handful of donors in the country to contribute what Trump fundraisers colloquially call the “double max” — the holy grail of campaign fundraising in the 2016 cycle.

Kumar is sending $898,800 to Trump Victory, the joint fundraising arrangement between the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and 11 state parties. The Republican Hindu Coalition, as a non-profit entity, is not coordinating with the Trump campaign but is generally supportive of Trump.

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