INSANE! Anti-Trump NY Mayor Issues THIS Nasty Response to Terror Bombing

The moment I saw the story come across the screen, the first thought that came to my mind was “terror attack.” I don’t know anyone that thought anything else.

While most of America realized terror has once again struck our soil, the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, said it was NOT terrorism! He actually called it an “incident.”

He stated, “There is no evidence at this point to a terror connection to this incident.”

Thanks for the update Bill! You were very helpful!

Since you are a complete moron, let me break this down for you so you can actually tell the people of your city the truth.

This was not an incident; it was an IED that was hidden… it was a bombing!

And while there may not yet be proof the attacks in New York and New Jersey were related, do you really think it was a coincidence?

Do you want us to believe a bomb meant to hurt people running at a charity event to benefit our veterans and another bomb in NYC that went off at roughly the same time had nothing to do with each other?

We are once again dealing with liberals too afraid to address the real issue here… that we are under attack on our home soil by radicals!

The very nature of the bombings proves it was terrorism!

At this point, it does not matter if it was a citizen of this country that has been radicalized or if it was a radical Muslim that slipped through the system, it was terrorism!

It is time for We the People to get elected officials out of office that are more worried about protecting the feelings of radicals than they are of making sure the people they are actually paid to represent are safe in their own homes.

De Blasio represents everything that is wrong with today’s career politicians, and I think it’s time we put him and everyone like him out of work!

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