INSANE! School In THIS State Forces Students To Submit To Sharia Law

Schools nowadays openly support the Black Lives Matter movement, stomp on American flags, and call any student who supports Donald Trump a racist. Our educators are not only attempting to highlight the discourse taking place across the U.S., but they’re also attempting to change the culture of America.

A school in Denver, Colorado recently required students to visit three houses of worship, a synagogue, a Greek Orthodox Church, and a mosque. And while this may seem like a great cultural field trip, as issue arose when it came to the mosque. It was mandated that the students had to wear “long pants, covering their ankles” and girls were required to “bring wide scarves or hooded sweatshirts for the mosque.” (

If the school was going to mandate Sharia for this ‘trip,’ parents should have had the right to pull their children out of the trip! You simply cannot demean American citizens for the sake of exposing them to another culture.

This kicked up dust on the local news, when broadcaster Peter Boyles took a jab at the school administrators, stating, “public schools are forbidden from holding girls to different standards than boys,” and while this statement may or may not be true, it is a real issue that American is transforming right before our eyes.

While I do agree that learning about other religious cultures can be fascinating, and a great way to deepen your world perspective, you cannot force someone to conform to that belief. That’s like making people who aren’t Catholic do what they do, and many other Christian believers are uncomfortable with doing even that.

These Muslims live in our country, and they have to see tons of women a day with their hair out and their arms and legs uncovered. What else do they expect in another country?

I’m not saying the students should be walking into the mosque in short shorts and tank tops, but just some nice, church appropriate clothing would have been perfectly acceptable. It’s unknown if they actually sat and watched a service, but if they just toured the building it should definitely not have been a problem.

They didn’t make any such requirements for the other two houses of worship they visited, so why are Muslims treated with such partiality? Because of the “political correctness” our President has forced onto us.

Because of his sympathy for the Muslim people, we are forced to comply and drop everything so they don’t feel “uncomfortable.” Yet no one is concerned how uncomfortable some of those girls may have felt, to suddenly feel beneath a man and being forced to cover herself.

The Muslim religion makes women uncomfortable, because they know that in that religions eyes they are less than a man and that is something that women have worked hard to prevent in this country. They’ve had to fight for their rights before, and they shouldn’t have to again.

And while Hillary Clinton claims to be a “feminist,” she as supportive of the Muslim refugees flocking to this country and changing our ways just like Obama is. In England, they demanded that people keep their dogs out of the public because Muslims see dogs as impure.

And they’ll do that here too, and that’s where it starts. Next they’ll ask women to dress more modestly, when they have the right to wear whatever they want. Despite their wishes, Muslims cannot take away the rights that women fought so hard to earn. They have it hard enough as it is.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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