INSIDER: Facebook In A Frenzy After Employee Goes Rogue With A TRUTHBOMB

Social media giant Facebook has taken another hit from a former employee who claimed that working as a trending news curator was toxic and uncomfortable.

The former employee, who chose to remain anonymous, wrote a column for The Guardian and said that while working at Facebook should have been a positive experience, it was instead the “most toxic work experience of my life.”

This turned out to be especially true for women, who were rarely encouraged to speak up about issues that concerned them.

The former employee said that while there was an “extraordinary amount of talent on the team,” poor management, intimidation, favoritism and sexism, made the work environment “deeply uncomfortable.”

“What I found the most destructive was how the team treated women: Contrary to what Sheryl Sandberg preaches in her Lean In movement, women on the team are rarely encouraged to speak up,” the employee said.

When she did speak up about a discrepancy or report a problem, she said her claims were “dismissed.” However, when a man reported the same problem, he was “congratulated for noticing the problem and actions would be taken to fix it,” the employee said.

Out of the 15 people who have left the Trending team since 2014, 10 of them have been women. The salary was good but the turnover rate was still high. The staffer went on to say that she was not the only woman to report sexism by managers “to no avail.”

She also criticized the team for prioritizing “scale over editorial quality” and forcing contractors to work under stressful conditions.

Employees were “angry, depressed and left voiceless,” she said.

The employee said she did not personally experience the political bias described in a recent Gizmodo story but was glad for the article because it finally gave Facebook’s trending team a voice.

This news couldn’t come at a worse time for  Facebook, as the social media behemoth has been trying to recover from accusations that it promoted liberal agendas while suppressing conservative stories.

Now it looks like the company engages in sexism and creates an almost impossible working environment, at least according to this brave woman who was willing to come forward. We hope she’s not the last.

H/T Breitbart

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