Instantly After FBI Director Says No Charges For Hillary, Something He NEVER Expected Happened

As Western Journalism reported:

Twitter’s court of public opinion was ruling against FBI Director James Comey Tuesday after the FBI announced that it would not be pressing any charges against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton despite ruling that she and her aides were “careless” in their mishandling of classified information during Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

With a creativity usually reserved for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s faux pas, Twitter exploded with “Shorter Comey” tweets as the Twittersphere boiled down the massive FBI investigation and Comey’s statement to the media Tuesday into a message that was just Twitter-sized.

For example, one Twitter user could not confine himself to one tweet.

Reponses came from the left as well as the right.

The contrast between Comey’s press briefing indictment of Clinton’s actions and the lack of any formal indictment struck many commentators as wrong.

Most just vented disgust with the system.

Headline: Western Journalism

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