INVASION: Underground Mosque Network Exposed As Jihad Trojan Horse For ISIS

France, along with many countries around the world, have made a huge mistake. In a rush to show how tolerant we are in the United States, we allowed millions of Muslims to flood our country and erect mosques everywhere.

Should peaceful Muslims be allowed to worship and believe? Yes, our country ensures religious freedom. However, this is a dangerous religion lead by fanatical men who truly believe everyone is their enemy. They are willing to die to strike out at their opponents and we allowed them to build thousands of recruitment centers within our borders.

This vidoe illustrates that even Muslims who consider themselves “not radical” agree with some terrifying beliefs.

Mainstream media would like to perpetuate the notion that the only way terrorists recruit outside of Islam is through social media. That is definitely a platform that they exploit. The media has pushed our heads into the sand when it comes to looking at mosques and their place in the terror organization. France is finally coming to its senses and it is time we did as well.

In the past week alone, France security agencies shut down three mosques. The rationale behind which mosques to target is simple. If terrorists are found linked to a mosque or radical materials are found inside the mosque, it is closed and the people involved are arrested.

In Lagny-sur- Marne, a suburb of eastern Paris, a mosque was closed. 9 Muslims associated with that mosque were placed under house arrest and 22 others from barred from leaving France.

One mosque in Gennevilliers in the northwest suburbs of Paris and one in Lyon, were closed by French police as well. Also 4 Muslim “prayer rooms” in the Nice area in the south of France have been shut down. These “prayer rooms” are very common throughout the U.S. and are often operated in strip malls and in store fronts or private homes.

Germany has also been closing the doors of “religious organizations” if they are found to be associated with terrorists. In December, they shut down a mosque in Stuttgart that was involved in recruiting for the Islamic State. German police reported; “Through the association, donations have been collected for terrorist groups and fighters recruited for the Syrian conflict. In addition, the association and its members glorify Jihad and religiously motivated terrorism.”

A mosque in Bremen was shut down as well when it was found to be recruiting for the Islamic State. The most notorious mosque in Germany was the Al-Quds Mosque in Hamburg. That mosque served as a meeting place for some of the September 11th hijackers and was finally shut down in 2010 after German authorities uncovered an Al Qaeda plot to launch terrorist attacks across Europe. Several members of the mosque had been recruited to travel to Pakistan and Afghanistan to train to participate in Jihad.

Liberals want people to believe this isn’t happening in America. Our 1st Amendment guarantees freedom of religion and liberals are convinced that means everyone, no matter what. It would be outside of their agenda if terrorism and mosques were linked. Unfortunately history has shown us that much of the Islam preaching inside the U.S. is hate based and encourages terrorism against America.

The truth goes back to the 1990s. It was then that a detailed book called “Willful Blindness” was released by former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy. That book covers the conviction of Omar Abdel Rahman, also known as “The Blind Sheikh,” who preached at 3 different mosques in the New York area.

Educated at the prestigious Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, Rahman issued a fatwa in the U.S. that declared it lawful to rob banks and kill Jews in the United States. His sermons condemned Americans as the descendants of apes and pigs.

He called on Muslims to attack the West, cut the transportation of their countries, tear it apart, destroy their economy, burn their companies, eliminate their interests, sink their ships, shoot down their planes, kill them on the sea, air, or land.

Rahman was eventually convicted in 1995 of conspiracy and sentenced to life in prison. He is certainly not the only example.

Anwar al-Awlaki was a U.S.-born Imam who preached at several different mosques in the United States. He served at the Denver Islamic Society (where he was caught encouraging a member to travel to Chechnya to fight the Russians), a mosque in San Diego, as well as the notorious Dar al-Hijrah mosque near Falls Church, Virginia, where he preached to at least two of the September 11 hijackers and an Army doctor named Nidal Malik Hasan who went on to become the Fort Hood shooter.

Al-Awlaki fled the U.S. after serving as the Muslim chaplain at George Washington University and delivering sermons to the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association at the U.S. Capitol. He then led the branch of the AQAP–Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.  His days of terror came to an end when he was killed during a U.S. drone strike in Yemen in 2011.

Then there is Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki, also known as Omar Shafik Hammami. He grew up in the Daphne, Alabama, served as the president of the Muslim Students Association at the University of South Alabama and went on to become a Jihadi fighter with Al Shabaab in Somalia. While he did not actually preach in the United States, his father, a Syrian immigrant, served for a time as a religious leader in Daphne as well.

Gulshair Muhammad el-Shukrijumah, led the mosque in Brooklyn. He made a career on the payroll of the Saudi government preaching Islamic supremacism and Jihad. el-Shukrijumah also preached sermons at Masjid al-Farooq mosque in the same area of Brooklyn, which served as the religious base of operations for Ramzi Youssef and the other 1993 World Trade Center bombers. He and his family then moved to Florida where he preached at another mosque.

His son decided to skip preaching and recruiting and joined Al-Qaeda. He rose quickly through the ranks and was eventually killed in Pakistan in 2014.

Last but not least, the case of Carlos Bledsoe, also known as Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad. He was recruited for Jihad in Nashville and sent to Yemen to a Jihadi training camp. The new terrorist then returned to the U.S. to murder Army Private Andy Long in Little Rock, Arkansas.

These are not isolated incidents and this religion is not like the ones we are familiar with. It is a system of beliefs that easily breeds hate, violence, and murder.

For our safety, mosques in the United States must be monitored and quickly shut down if necessary.

Don’t you agree?

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