IRONY: Liberals Just Put Up Another Of THESE at The DNC…

They should have called Donald Trump. That man knows how to build a wall.

The Democrats clearly don’t.

To keep out the rabble, they had Philadelphia erect a massive fence around the Wells Fargo Arena to keep convention protesters out.

Except the fences weren’t high enough … they stormed the walls and barricades and threatened to disrupt the convention. So they came out Tuesday morning and erected even more – and taller fences. These ones are 8-foot “no-scale,” meaning the communists, hippies and Bernie supporters would just have to meander about 100 yards away.

One protester caught a video of all the walls and fences that have now been erected in some areas.

And it seemed to do the trick–Democrats could have their convention without the inconvenience of having to deal with Bernie supporters (which given how he was screwed by the DNC, I don’t blame them one bit for protesting).

If that wasn’t enough, Democrats put up walls surrounding the convention stage to keep Sanders delegates from making their way up.


But once people noticed the irony of building a wall to keep people out from a party that just hates walls to keep people out, they replaced the blue wall with a clear one.


Here’s how Fox News covered it:

See? The Democrats can build their own big, beautiful wall.”

If they had called Donald in the first place, the wall would have been built bigger and faster than they ever could have done.

H/T: AllenBWest

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