Is Donald Trump Really For Women? Former Employee Speaks Out

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has struggled to overcome accusations of being sexist and discriminatory against women after feuds with prominent women such as Megyn Kelly and Michelle Fields.

Trump, however, has argued that he will be “great” for women, pointing to his hiring of a woman to oversee the construction of Trump Tower in 1980 as evidence of his respect for women and their abilities.

The woman Trump mentioned has now spoken out about the GOP candidate, and although she said she doesn’t support his political viewpoints, she wants people to know that Trump is not discriminatory toward women.

In an article for the New York Daily News, former Trump employee Barbara Res posed the question: “Does (Trump) discriminate against women?”

In her extensive experience working with the businessman, the answer to that question was no.

“I never thought that Trump would hire a man over an equally qualified woman,” she wrote. “On the contrary, I think he is more comfortable around women.”

Res explained that the wealthy developer had “tremendous respect” for his mother, and she believed that respect transferred to the other women in his life.

“He treated his assistant with the deference you would give to your mother,” she said.

When it came to Trump’s treatment of men and women in the workplace, Res said that she believed all of the women were treated “exactly the same as the men.”

In fact, she even said she thought the pay scales for both were the same, as well.

“He would always hire the person he thought was best without regard to gender,” Res continued, saying that the break she got by being hired by Trump was like none other.

“Every employer I have ever worked for has considered me in terms of my gender,” she explained. “I would say that in that way, Trump was the best of them.”

Although Res does not agree with Trump’s positions on most issues, such as health care and immigration, she does not believe the accusations about Trump discriminating against women should be perpetuated. As a woman who worked closely with Trump for years, she would definitely know.

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