Is Speaker Paul Ryan Mentally Unstable?

The Speaker of The House Has Come Unhinged

He’s gone from attacking his party’s front-runner like a jilted teenage girl, to now threatening to sue him.

At this point, we need to ask ourselves – is this the behavior of a well-balanced person?

Is Speaker Ryan mentally stable?

He recently said, “I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers,” when asked about his claim that he’d SUE Donald Trump over his temporary Muslim ban, which the majority of Republican primary voters agree with, given the fact that we lack an efficient vetting system.

But hold on, let’s reexamine Speaker Ryan’s words:
“I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers.”

Really, Paul?

Um, because as far as I can see there’s one of “those presidents” duffing his way across a golf course, as we speak.

Paul Ryan’s logic is the type of stuff that “tin foil” hats are made of.

And just so I’ve got this straight……

A “President Trump,” with his America First agenda, who is attempting to keep us SAFE from CERTAIN HARM would be worthy of Speaker Ryan’s legal attack.

President Obama’s unconstitutional-poop-fest, which includes (but is not limited to), granting amnesty and work authorization for illegals, forcing American’s to purchase craptacular “health care,” and his truckload of over-reaching executive orders are not enough to get Paul Ryan’s legal dander up?

Does that sound about right?

Look, I’m no doctor, but based on his breathtaking idiocy I’d have to say that Mr. Ryan’s deck is missing quite a few cards – which compels me to once AGAIN ask Speaker Paul Ryan to shut the f*ck up and step down.

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