Is The Right To Bear Arms A Constitutional Right? Hillary Clinton Just Gave A Very Scary Answer

In her pursuit of the Democratic presidential nomination, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to be ramping up her anti-gun rhetoric. Although Clinton has long been ambivalent toward the Second Amendment, a recent answer–or lack of answer–she gave as to whether or not the right to keep and bear arms is constitutionally protected, shows that her ambivalence is quickly becoming outright hostility.

Hillary’s comments came during a recent interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

“Do you believe that an individual right to keep and bear arms is a constitutional right, that it’s not linked to service in a militia?” Stephanopoulos asked the Democratic hopeful.

“I think that for most of our history, there was a nuanced reading of the Second Amendment until the decision by the late Justice Scalia, and there was no argument until then that localities and states and the federal government had a right, as we do with every amendment, to impose reasonable regulations,” Clinton answered, referring to the Supreme Court’s decision in D.C. v. Heller. “So I believe we can have common-sense gun safety measures consistent with the Second Amendment.”

Of course, Clinton’s answer was a complete dodge, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Stephanopoulos.

“[T]hat’s not what I asked,” Stephanopoulos pressed. “I said, do you believe that their conclusion that an individual’s right to bear arms is a constitutional right?”

Again, Clinton dodged.

“If it is a constitutional right, then it, like every other constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulations, and what people have done with that decision is to take it as far as they possibly can and reject what has been our history from the very beginning of the republic, where some of the earliest laws that were passed were about firearms” she answered.

So, Hillary Clinton refuses to even answer the most basic question when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms. Should Clinton be elected the next President of The United States, she would would most certainly pack the Supreme Court with judges who share her hostility toward the second amendment. A SCOTUS packed with anti-gun ideologues would almost certainly put Americans right to keep and bear arms in jeopardy.

Watch Hillary Clinton fail to answer whether or not the right to keep and bear arms is a constitutional right:

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