Islamic Cleric: “We want to invade America and the Christians will die”

While the Obama Administration and their liberal media crows try to convince the world that Islam is a religion of peace, on the other side of the world anybody who turns on a television or knows anything about the religion of Islam is laughing.

If you go to the video on the next page, you’ll see an Islamic Cleric on a talk show, speaking the truth about the Islamic Jihad. And all of the fears that President Obama claims to be false, are suddenly proven right.

The Cleric goes on to say that when Muslims invade America, they will offer us three choices, convert to Islam, pay a tax or fight. Those that refuse will be killed and have their women sold into sex slavery.

Talk about taking a walk back to the dark ages. How is it that Americans are preaching the value of tolerating a religion that wants to do something like that? It goes against all of the principles America was founded on.

The video below is like watching an Islamic version of The View. The cleric is obnoxious and thinks he’s above the guy asking the questions just because he’s a scholar. Though what he says is interesting and frightening, he’s still somewhat annoying.

The evidence is right there, which leads me to believe that President Obama has never actually had a conversation with a devout Muslim. So why is he trying so hard to protect them if they obviously have it out for us? The United States has reached a point where it’s beyond dangerous to have a man like him in office. Denying that Islam is dangerous after watching that video is like denying somebody stole from a supermarket, despite having security footage of the act.

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