Islamic Welfare Leech Gets Nasty Surprise After Cops Take a Look at Her Facebook

A Muslim woman who claimed she was so poor she had to get meals from her local mosque got a nasty dose of justice when police uncovered her lavish lifestyle.

Carina Reid, 32, thought she cold get away with abusing the welfare system in Britain, but her social media profile ended up getting the welfare leech busted.

She claimed benefits from 2009-2014 and, at the same time, proudly posted pictures of herself taking extravagant holidays in various countries, sipping champagne in luxury hotels and dining at five-star London establishments.

Reid, who worked as a beautician when she wasn’t jet setting around the world,bought an apartment on the fashionable King’s Road in West London with a deposit of around $31,000. She had 19 bank accounts containing $280,000.


Reid claimed more than almost $80,000 in housing and tax benefits, which she apparently used to fund holidays to Dubai, Spain, Portugal, France and Hong Kong, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

According to the U.K. Standard, Reid posted images to social media in 2014 where she claimed to live a “hard life” while sipping champagne. During the same year, she posted an image of her taking a helicopter ride at the Cannes film festival and posing in a glamorous evening gown by a luxury cruise liner in Lisbon.

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In 2013 through 2014, Reid had spent $180,000 to acquire property in Dubai and said she was thinking of expanding her business there.

That is, until authorities caught on to her scam.

Life is about to get real hard for the welfare queen who was found guilty of scamming the system by Isleworth Crown Court after she pleaded guilty to nine charges of dishonestly claiming benefits. She was sentenced to three years in prison Tuesday.

While this woman thought she was smart enough to scam the system, she was still dumb enough to post pictures of herself living the life.

She deserves the time behind bars.

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