IT’S OVER: WikiLeaks Releases Email Which Showed Hillary’s Campaign Covered For Obama Day After Federal Subpoena

We know that not only was President Barack Obama familiar with Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server, he used a pseudonym to communicate with her.

Now, we learn that Hillary Clinton’s top campaign staff coordinated to hide Obama’s emails just after being subpoenaed.

This one message released from WikiLeaks verified a federal crime, involving the Secretary of State and President!


This is wildly illegal. It’s hard to even imagine anyone else attempting this and not being immediately charged for interfering with an investigation.

They were directly coordinating plans to hide emails and we would have never known, except for WikiLeaks.

This is why the media is making up so many stories about Trump this month. They want to hide the truth about the crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Democrats are ruthless, and will do anything to maintain power.

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