Its Time For The GOP To Accept Trump Is Their Nominee

Donald Trump was cast aside the moment he stepped into the presidential race. “Nobody can hold the lead from the beginning of the race,” they said, or “you know else was ahead this early? Giuliani!” Was another talking point.

Then as summer was ending and the crowds only grew larger, jest turned into uncertainty. “The establishment candidate will always win over such a fringe insurrectionist as Donald.”

And a few weeks ago, uncertainty turned into a pathetic groveling by Mitt Romney begging Republicans not to vote for Trump.

Now all the GOP establishment can do is brag about costing Trump a big state (ie. ‘I’m gonna lose but who cares because I cost Trump my home state Kasich)the GOP needs to stop worrying about only stopping trump from having an easy victory and admit it: he will win.

Trump is going to be the GOP nominee, and there’s nothing Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, or Ted “secure Muslim neighborhoods” Cruz can do about it. All the GOP is doing is helping the democrats in November right now.

Their golden egg, little Marco, couldn’t even win his home state to Trump. Ted Cruz is lucky if he wins 6 States altogether. The GOP machine is crashing head first into a ditch trying to stop the Trumplicans.

And let’s not forget that Trump is bringing more voters to the GOP then any other candidate ever before.

His support among the working class is the highest of any presidential candidate since FDR. And he could be the first Republican to take a state like New York since conservative icon Ronald Reagan.

If the GOP hacks would throw in the towel and rally behind trump now, then maybe It’ll give them the head start they need to stop Hillary from going back to the White House.

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