Ivanka Trump is FED UP, Destroys Her Dad’s Enemies in 2 Short Words

Ivanka Trump is a very wise young woman, She summed up why the mainstream media, Liberals, and career politicians from both sides of the aisle are casting stones at her father – and only needed two short words to get her point across.

“They’re scared,” Donald Trump’s daughter said when asked about his vocal critics and the nasty things they say about her dad.

“He’s incredibly level-headed. I think that he fights and he’s strong. He’s has to fight. He has a lot of people coming at him,” Ivanka Trump added, according to a Newsmax report. “He also has tremendous support and love and enthusiasm for his positions.”

When asked if she would like to convince her dad to change his phrasing and style, Ivanka did not hesitate even a second with her answer.

She noted her dad was the last man on the stage in a field of 17 highly successful and qualified individuals, many of them had won seats to high office at least one or twice before.

“It’s not my place to tell him to change his campaigning style,” Ivanka Trump said, noting his authentic and bold behavior got him where he is today.

When referencing back to the scared critics comment, Ivanka said none of them thought he would wind up being the Republican Party nominee, but he did just he said he would, he fought to win because losing would leave the USA, the Constitution, and all Americans, at the mercy of Hillary Clinton.

“I think there will be many people who will seek to diminish him,” she added.

She is right, there will be folks both in the Democrat and Republican Party who want to see him fail and will do everything possible to make that happen.

Unfortunately for them, We the People are not influenced by what the mainstream media, career politicians, or Hollywood celebrities think.

This is the election of our lives, fellow patriots, if we get it wrong here, there might not be an America left to attempt to save the next go ’round – at least not one we would remotely recognize.

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