Jack Nicklaus Explains What Donald Trump Is Doing To America

Nicklaus, who owns golf courses in many countries and has done business with Trump, is proud to support him:

Jack Nicklaus believes Donald Trump is “turning America upside down,” which apparently is a compliment. The legendary golfer told CBS Sunday Morning that he’ll vote for the New York businessman.

“He’s awakening the country,” Nicklaus said.

“We need a lot of that. Is he a politician? Is he as smooth and politically correct as he should be? Probably not. But he’ll learn,” the golfer said. “He’s not stupid. He didn’t get where he was being dumb. I like the guy. He’s a good man. And certainly — if he’s the one that’s on the ticket, I’ll be voting for him.”

Via NY Daily News

Clearly, Nicklaus is tired of business-as-usual in politics, where cautious politicians read tele-prompters to hide the truth. But Trump speaks from the heart, and as a patriotic American is willing to stand up for American workers and job-creating businessmen. Trump is running a presidential campaign like we’ve never seen before in America.

You have to watch this incredible interview from Nicklaus:

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