James O’Keefe Of Project Veritas Has Dropped 3 Bombshell Videos Destroying the Hillary Campaign… Something Terrible Just Happened To Him

Over the past three days, three incredibly revealing bombshell videos were released by conservative undercover investigative journalist James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas organization.

This was simply too much for the liberally biased social media platform Twitter, which promptly suspended O’Keefe’s account Wednesday in what looked suspiciously like a partisan effort to silence him — and a declaration of war against the truth.

O’Keefe revealed in a post to his own website that his Twitter account had been locked for 12 hours, explaining that even after his account is unlocked Twitter may still erect some flaming hoops for him to jump through in order to continue using the platform to spread his videos exposing Democrats for the lying frauds they are.

For those who were initially skeptical of O’Keefe’s claim that Twitter had cracked down on him, he provided a short video on Facebook proving as much while also announcing the release of his third undercover video that exposed a Democrat senate candidate and others speaking candidly about gun control.

That Democrat candidate for Senate — and a former senator at that — would be none other than Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, who spoke to an undercover journalist at a fundraiser for Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In the video, Feingold and others admitted that Clinton will use executive orders to implement stricter gun control, most likely by targeting so-called “assault weapons,” ammunition and the purported “loopholes” in the already existing gun laws.

In the two previous videos released by Project Veritas, the first highlighted a Democrat election official in New York City complaining about rampant voter fraud and other consequences of liberal policies.

The second video highlighted two staffers for the Clinton campaign in Florida, one of whom bragged about committing sexual harassment of a fellow staffer, while the other seemed inclined to allow voter fraud and the deliberate targeting of Republican voters on his watch over voter registration efforts.

This presidential campaign has been dirty and rough since the very beginning, but with less than a month to go before the country casts its final votes, it has essentially become an all-out war.

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