Jan Brewer calls out the GOPe for their antics towards Trump

Mona Rabin said:  #Trump2016 TheTrump Train is on the move. Every VOTE counts. VOLUNTEER for Donald Trump. Let’s bring in a Victory in the remaining States. I voted for Donald Trump in the Great State of North Carolina and he won our State. Bring in the Win, America.

Donald Trump needs 1237 Delegates. Let’s go out and get them and “Make America Great Again”.

Everything that Ted Cruz says that makes sense was spoken by Donald Trump first. I know America sees that he does not have a thought of his own. Cruz has been a ventriloquist for Donald Trump.

Anyone who does not think Donald Trump does not like WOMEN is delusional.

The Trump supporters had better get on board. Cruz ground team is everywhere. Especially at the District Conventions. Saw it first hand in North Carolina where Delegates are voted in. Trump supporters were unorganized and we lost 3 delegate positions. I feel blessed to get first Alternate. Not good enough. No voting privileges.

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