Japan Has No Problem With Radical Islam In Their Country, Here’s Why They Never Will:

Japan has a society that has held onto its ideals and values for many generations, keeping its unique culture alive despite outsiders immigrating into the country—but how does Japan counteract the Islamic immigrants plaguing many countries as of late?

Despite Islam spreading out into the world, Japan has kept close watch on its population and has kept the growth in check. Many of the Japanese people are uncomfortable around Muslims, taking the reputation of their radical, close minded, and strange religion at face value. Japan thinks of its country and its people before its immigrants, hiring its own people over outsiders, per Conservative World Daily.

With around 14 million residents in Tokyo alone, there is only one imam there, and mosques are very rare. Japan bans both Islamic evangelism and fewer than 10,000 Muslims make up the country of 127 million. Many liberals, of course, see this as “fascist” or “xenophobic,” but being politically correct has no great place in Japanese culture.

The Japanese do not want diversity or redistribution of wealth among their people—these ideas are considered ridiculous. America could very well follow Japan’s example with its immigration policies. Japan’s values are never called racist but rather that they are dedicated to preserving Japan’s identity and culture…as well as its national security.

It shouldn’t have to take another horrific event like 9/11 to make us wake up and smell the roses.

The fact that Hillary Clinton wants to bring thousands into this country, claiming it’s the right thing to do, is something we truly have to question.

Obama wants to ignore the fact that Homeland Security has admitted that almost one thousand people have been granted citizenship when they should not have, and now he’s planning to make it worse by urging people to open their doors to Muslims.

Never mind the fact that Germany and France, who have opened their doors to Muslim immigrants, have seen an increase in terrorist attacks and assaults on their citizens. And we should consider opening our doors?

Our vetting process is not substantial enough to comb through thousands of refugees and weed out terrorists, and the American people have more than enough to worry about than have more people coming into our country and taking up space whom we will have to support with our taxpaying money.

Once they’re here in this country, it will be too late. It will be like a virus that spreads through the whole of our country, contaminating everything until there’s nothing we can do.

However, we can do something now—we can refuse to let these unvetted refugees across our borders and focus on our own people like Japan.

What do you think of Japan’s immigration policies? Should America follow suit?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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