Jindal: Republicans Who Won’t Support Trump Only Help Hillary Clinton

With Senator Ted Cruz’s departure from the race following Tuesday’s Indiana primary, the presidential campaign has entered a new phase. Traditionally, the party would begin the process of consolidating its support around the presumptive nominee. However, Donald Trump has proven to be a schismatic figure in the past months, with the so-called “never Trump” faction of Republicans promising to withhold support from the real estate mogul.

Many in the Republican party, including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, are calling for those in the “never Trump” camp to rally around the presumptive nominee despite their apprehension.

“I know a lot of my friends are in the “never Trump” camp and I understand that, I was very critical of Donald Trump,” Jindal said on Tuesday’s Hannity. “But we need to be honest with ourselves. Today we’ve got two choices: it is either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.” Jindal went on to add that not supporting Trump will help put Hillary Clinton in The White House.

“I think anyone who says they canning support Donald Trump needs to understand that one of the consequences is that will make it easier for Hillary Clinton to win and I don’t think we can accept that as a country.”

Watch Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal call for Republicans to rally around Donald Trump:

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