Joe Biden Just Got Caught In A Whopper Of A Lie About The Clinton Foundation, His Career Is Over

It is not difficult to admit that Vice President Joe Biden is not even remotely as repugnant as President Barack Obama, and that may easily be the reason why Obama chose him to be his running mate in the first place.

VIA Conservative 101

The fact that Biden is a likable Everyman from a blue-collar, genuinely American background helped distract attention away from the fact that Obama is a questionably American Muslim who was raised in Indonesia and, quite possibly, Kenya.

The always-smiling Biden has been employed for mop-up duty, cleaning up Obama’s many messes and trying his best to justify and explain his radical policy ideas to regular Americans. Unfortunately for Biden, he’s recently been roped into something even more vile: traveling across the country trying to answer for all of Hillary Clinton’s lies and crimes. To do so, Biden has to lie himself. And he just got caught, in a big way.

Reporters grilled Biden about the Clinton Foundation, which has been outed to the public as little more than a pay-to-play scheme where rich foreigners donated millions to Hillary and Bill’s “charity” in exchange for Hillary performing favors for them in her official capacity as Secretary of State. How did Biden try to cover for Hillary? He said, “I think the Clinton Foundation, like all foundations, has found themselves in a position where things are changing” and said it has been “100 percent ethical.” When the reporter confronted Biden with the truth about how Hillary accepted bribes, a trapped Biden confessed that “I think you’ll see them stop taking foreign donations.”

Could this controversy be the end of Hillary’s presidential ambitions? And, is Joe Biden culpable for attempting to cover Hillary.

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