Joe Biden Reveals What Will Happen to Clinton Foundation… Hillary Is FURIOUS!

You know that things are getting bad for Hillary Clinton when even Joe Biden is suddenly tossing her Clinton Foundation under the bus! The comments from crazy Uncle Joe came when reporter Kasie Hunt asked him if the Clinton Foundation has acted 100% ethically.

We all know what the answer is – of course not!! Even Democrats are beginning to ask questions about the corruption at the Clinton Foundation, because there’s just way too much smoke for there not to be a fire. But Biden can’t admit that – instead he accidentally makes it much worse!!

Watch nutty Joe try to avoid the question by screwing over the Foundation:


This is a classic politician move – he doesn’t want to answer the question, so instead of saying what he thinks should happen, he says what WILL happen. And that is how you screw over Hillary when you’re upset that you didn’t run for President! LOL!!

And it shows just how bad it’s getting for Hillary and the Clinton Foundation as more emails leak showing how her work at the “charity” crossed over into the powerful decisions she made at the State Department. Couple that with the massive percentage of Americans who think she’s untrustworthy, and you got a YUGE problem!!!

Here’s more on the Clinton Foundation and how they’re on the ropes about their corruption:

What do you think? Is Biden’s prediction right about the Clinton Foundation? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!!

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