John Kerry is finally saying what Trump has been saying about ISIS

Trump will close our borders, Trump will deport the illegals and build a wall! Trump will create real jobs, not paper jobs like Obama! Trump will reduce the national debt and balance the budget! Trump will make sure that our military is the mightiest fighting force in the world and terrorism as we have know it for decades will be eradicated from the face of the earth.

No person running for President can do these things, except Donald Trump! No person running for President seems to want to do these things,except DONALD J. TRUMP! NO ONE, PERIOD! Donald Trump is not a racist, he doesn’t have anything against immigrants of any nationality that are in America legally, he only wants to deport illegal alien criminals and every legal immigrant should want that too! Donald Tump will make America greater than she’s ever been.

Trump was right again. Secretary of State John Kerry says ISIS terrorists are committing genocide in their persecution of Christians and other religious minorities.

Secretary of State John Kerry finally declaring that the Islamic State has commited genocide against Christians in the Middle East.Join me weeknights at 7 and 11 pm ET on Fox Business!

Posted by Lou Dobbs on Thursday, March 17, 2016


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