John McCain Diverts Cash from Veteran’s Paychecks into Afghan Immigration Measures

RINO Senator, John McCain has once again turned his back on US military veterans, choosing instead to fund visas for Afghani interpreters and their relatives, while imposing higher health care costs on our soldiers.

The legislation, given full support by McCain and proposed by New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D) will up the amount of Afghan Special Immigrant Visas for those who have helped the U.S. soldiers as translators and interpreters.  With this amendment, the number grows from 7,000 to 11,000 and the spouse and children of the visa holder may also enter the United States.

Where will the funds come from to make these new visas possible?  Congress has decided to hurt the veterans by cutting their health care benefits and increasing their co-pay for the pharmacy, while using the funds saved to make the visa program larger.

This is more of the same from McCain, the vet who should be ashamed of his pilfering toward his fellow military man or woman.  There were recently nine Republicans who sided with the Democrats to sell out the vets, sadly McCain was one of them.

We expect the Democrats to sell America out. It’s news when one or a handful actually vote in the interest of the American people and in a manner consistent with the Constitution and the very survival of our nation.

It’s also newsworthy to report on Republicans who join the Democrats in their sellout.

In the debate over cuts to the budget and who would be affected, the Democrats naturally targeted America’s military. They recognize and largely oppose the anti-American behavior coming out of the Democrat Senate and White House. They are not the constituency of the Democrats, at least not as far as the Dems seem to think.

American soldiers are paying for the Afghan Special Immigrant Visas program which was created in 2009, with decreases in their health care coverage and increases in their pharmacy co-pay.  Rino John McCain, a man one would think should stand by his fellow soldiers is backing the amended Afghan Special Immigrant Visas.

This, however, is McCain’s track record and should come as no shock.  Veterans in Arizona, McCain’s home state have protested outside his office.  One such protest was a demand for housing for homeless vets.

Operation Detain McCain was (sic) comprised mostly of US military veterans. They will show up at Senator McCain’s Phoenix office on September 5th, 2016,and, according to the website, “demand that he be held accountable, arrested, tried and convicted for his shameful acts against the Veterans of the United States.”

Of course Sen. McCain takes issue with this characterization, preferring to cast himself as a champion of veterans issues. Recently, he has heavily inserted himself into the investigations of the extreme failings of Veterans Affairs hospitals. Many perceive these recent actions as simple political theater, meant to save face after failing the veterans by not being a steward of their cause until the VA hospital scandal became a PR nightmare.

This newest war against the vets and in favor of Afghan immigrants is once again led by McCain.

NumbersUSA explained the wide range of taxpayer-funded programs the Afghanis are eligible to receive.

“Recipients are entitled to every benefit to which refugees are entitled, including travel loans, eight months of refugee cash and medical assistance, social services, up to five years of job training, job placement, and English classes,” along with employment authorization and a Social Security number.

The SSN allows them to claim Earned Income Tax Credits and Additional Child Tax Credits. Every child born on U.S. soil is automatically awarded U.S. citizenship, thanks to liberal Supreme Court Justice William Brennan’s 1982 footnote in Plyler v. Doe. They, in turn, can sponsor “relatives” to join them in the U.S., whether or not American communities prefer to have impoverished, tribal, devout Muslims resettled en-masse into their neighborhoods. This is thanks to the 51-year long chain migration tradition of giving migrants control over U.S. immigration policy, successfully advocated by Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy and his Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

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