John McCain Promises To Back Donald Trump For President… But There’s 1 Catch

Right after chastising his fellow GOP bigwigs for refusing to endorse Donald Trump, Republican Sen. John McCain slammed the presumptive GOP nominee for his outrageous comments last year about POWs and demanded that he retract them immediately.

“I’d like to see him retract that statement,” McCain said during a wide-ranging interview with CNN on Monday, adding that though he was willing to support Trump, he was unwilling to appear on the campaign stage with him until he apologized.

McCain, who was captured and tortured by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, added, “I think it’s important for Donald Trump to express his appreciation for veterans, not John McCain, but veterans who were incarcerated as prisoners of war.”

He was referring to what Trump said last year about liking “people that weren’t captured,” which some Vietnam veterans took as an insult.

While hesitant about appearing on stage with the billionaire candidate, McCain was certainly not slow to shower praise on him.

Specifically, he praised Trump’s propensity for being a true leader, unlike our current commander in chief, Barack Obama, and the candidate’s chief rival, Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“Well, I think American leadership … he emphasizes that, and I think that’s important,” McCain said. “This president doesn’t want to lead. Hillary Clinton was secretary of state for four years — tell me one accomplishment that she can point to besides she flew more miles than any other secretary of state in history.”

The Arizona senator also urged Trump to choose a running mate who could “unite the party,” though he again pointed out that it would be “foolish” for the GOP establishment to keep ignoring the will of the people.

It appears McCain has pretty much endorsed Trump. That said, if the presumptive GOP nominee wants to get the most bang for his buck, he might want to consider issuing an apology for — or at least a clarification of — his POW statements.

H/T U.K. Daily Mail

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