Judge Confirms Fraud Claims: Trump Supporters Discover Their Votes Counted for Rubio

While voting was still ongoing on Super Tuesday, voters early in the day were already alleging fraud in the state of Texas.

This always occurs — of course — and there’s always the question of whether the disparity was purposeful, or simply a glitch, but this high-stakes election has everyone on the lookout for unfair play. Donald Trump supporters in particular have little faith in the Republican Party, and considering they’re in charge of the primary itself, Trump voters were no doubt on edge when they headed into the polls.

Imagine their surprise, then, when at least a handful of voters saw their ballots cast for Trump turn into votes for Rubio.

In the end, of course, it didn’t matter. Marco placed a distant 3rd in the state, missing the delegate threshold entirely, but the accusations of fraud are serious, even if they didn’t shift the race in a meaningful way.

The Republican Party establishment has been accused of being in bed with Rubio for weeks now, and now those accusation have trickled down to the voting booth, as well.

“4 people state voted for Trump and checked ballot, and it was changed to Rubio on three and Gray on fourth. Radio KLBJ, Austin,Tx.”” [email protected]

Trump supporters previously accused the Rubio campaign of stealing votes in Iowa after the Florida Senator achieved a surprise third place finish.

If Rubio fails to secure a strong finish in today’s primaries he could be forced to drop out of the race altogether.

Rubio’s Super Pac has poured $1.5 million of its budget into Texas in an effort to take delegates away from home state favorite Ted Cruz.

Former Trump advisor Roger Stone appeared on the Alex Jones Show today and vowed to set up a network of volunteers to investigate any reports of fraud.

Marco may have come up short, but as the race tightens — if it does — count on these accusations becoming more frequent and more intense.

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