Judge Jeanine Has A MUST-HEAR Message To Trump Protesters: ‘The Silent Majority Will…’

The famously frank Judge Jeanine Pirro was back at it in the opening statement on her Fox News show after recently lambasting Mitt Romney for his verbal attack on GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

In her latest take-down, she targeted protesters — some of whom are being paid — who have been showing up at Trump’s rallies to wreak havoc and prevent what she referred to as “the silent majority” from exercising their right to free speech.

“Since when, if you state an opinion, are you responsible for someone else’s reaction. Since when if you verbally lean right are you responsible for the left’s physical reaction?” she asked.

On “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” Pirro kept unloading, blasting those who have tried to stifle political speech:

“Since when do you have the right to interrupt my First Amendment right to listen to a candidate for the highest office in the land? This is America. Not the Soviet Union.”

“Your free speech, if it differs from mine, doesn’t mean that you’re right and I’m wrong, and therefore I must be silenced.”

“But that is exactly what the left tried to do in Chicago last night, and again moments ago in Kansas City to more than 25,000 who came to hear Donald Trump.”

Jeanine excoriated the Bernie Sanders supporters who have disrupted Trump events, boisterously shouting, “Bernie! Bernie!” with one stating that he only showed up to “dissent.” While saying they have a right to do so, “you cannot defend assault by arguing verbal provocation,” she argued.

The former prosecutor kept hammering with her spot-on analysis, pointing out the various groups which have responded to the #ShutItDown hashtag in an effort to force the cancellation of Trump rallies, as they did in Chicago, and attempted to do in Kansas City. She called out MoveOn.org, Black Lives Matter, and Occupy Wall Street, saying they “are taking actions the likes we have never seen.”

She also chastised “Little Marco” — referring to rival candidate Marco Rubio — for opining that “words have consequences,” in an attempt to blame Trump for the violent protests. She asked, “Words have consequences? Maybe if you live under Shariah law…but not in the United States of America, and not under our Constitution.”

The Fox News personality ended her opening statement with a warning. “Beware the sleeping giant. The silent majority of us — we will not be silenced.”

You can watch Judge Jeanine’s fiery statement here:

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