Judge Jeanine: “Hillary Clinton Has Just Dug A Hole For Herself That Now Requires An Indictment.”

Judge Jeanine believes that “Hillary Clinton has just dug a hole for herself that now requires an indictment. Her response this past Sunday to Chris Wallace in an interview, when he says that FBI Director Comey said none of the things Hillary told the American people were true says it all.”

She plays a clip of Clinton characterizing the Director’s description of her answers to the FBI as truthful. Judge Pirro informs the deceptive former Secretary of State that was not what the FBI Director said.

She plays another clip of Rep Trey Gowdy questioning FBI Director Comey in which he swears before Congress that she was lying. Judge Pirro cites three news organizations which have rated her comments as the highest levels of untruthfulness, saying, “You would think the woman would understand and recognize the error of her ways. You would think that the presidency demands a certain amount of integrity and honesty.”

Instead Clinton chooses to pile more lies on top of those she’s already insulted the American people with. She points out Clinton’s latest tactic, one in which she just chooses to plead innocence by reason of short-circuit. She continued to claim that Comey said her answers were truthful and makes the claim that she and Chris Wallace may have been talking past each other. Anyone looking at the video of that interview will note that during this part of their exchange Wallace was completely silent.

Judge Jeanine accurately describes Clinton as “a woman who does not know what the truth is.” She asks, “And if her brain short-circuits, is she telling us that she needs work done or that the work done was no good, or that the work done didn’t work? And they want to call Donald Trump unstable? At least the man says what he thinks and what he believes. You may not like it but at least he’s honest.”

“Give me honest any day of the week,” says Jeanine. She then lays out in a most compelling and professional manner her arguments as to why Hillary Clinton must be prosecuted, how one way or the other Hillary Clinton should have left that interview in handcuffs, based upon either a yes or a no response to one important question, whether or not she sent classified emails. The FBI already knew that she did, so either way she should have been arrested, for lying to them or for the espionage.

Jeanine says that Comey is caught between a rock and a hard place with no argument of irrelevant intent to hide behind. She exposes his dilemma on national television. He and the DOJ must now decide how to respond. If a few of our useless Congressmen get involved in this question, the sellout of their oaths and responsibility to the Constitution and American people will be made much harder to continue.

Our law enforcement officials may have to quit simply picking on the little guy in the furtherance of the criminal Marxist Obama agenda and actually do the job the American people pay them to do.

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