Judge Jeanine Pirro Destroys Any Chance Hillary Ever Had In The Debate

Judge Jeanine Pirro has been all over Hillary Clinton and her lack of truthfulness ever since the infamous email scandal broke. We don’t blame her, Hillary’s lies have, in all likelihood, gotten people killed and put America at risk, not to mention the fact that she’s lied to Congress and the FBI and countless other government bodies.

So, Pirro decided to take Clinton down on the eve of the first presidential debate, in the classiest way possible – by propping up Trump. Epic.

“Donald, it’s real simple. You’re new at this. If you are yourself, you will obliterate her like you did those 16 others on those Republican primary debate stages,” Pirro said of her longtime friend, Donald Trump.

“Your opponent cannot handle the truth. She can’t handle a direct question. Nor is she able to give a direct response. Do not let her do the Washington two-step. Stay on offense. Without being offensive.”

Pirro also suggested Trump should ignore Clinton’s gender as a reason to be considerably kinder to her than he would if he were debating a man.

“She wants to be the leader of the free world– gender is irrelevant. Make her prove she’s up to it both mentally, physically and historically.”

She also advised he be more “presidential” than in prior debates, where nicknames like “Lyin’ Ted”and “Little Marco” were common expressions:

“You’re a smart man Donald. This is the time to be presidential. No smirks. No faces.”

Pirro suggested to Clinton that she too be herself—“Cold. Calculating. Imperialistic.”

“And Hillary, don’t shy away from talking about your record. The state of the world in chaos with you in charge of foreign policy– unless of course you don’t want to,” she said.

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H/T: YesImRight.com

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