Judge Jeanine PROVES Obama Was Behind Baton Rouge Cop Killings

With our nation plunging deep into mayhem and racial turmoil, and with the general belief that killing cops is something usual, former prosecutor and judge, Jeanine Pirro, has come out open to elaborate, where she believes all this intolerance originates from President Barack Obama.

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Without him condemning all these attacks along with the Black Lives Matter movement, an organization that celebrates these police killings, then all we can do is pray that our officers aren’t murdered in cold blood by thugs every day.

Judge Jeanine Pirro just called out Obama for inciting all of this and having the country on the brink of anarchy.

If Obama cannot stop this, then the men and women in Blue will have nothing left to do but fear for their lives, and this is completely unacceptable in American society.

At least three law enforcement officers were killed and three others injured in a shooting Sunday in Baton Rouge, official said.

Judge Jeanine Pirro told Harris Faulkner this afternoon that the terrible attack is another reminder that law enforcement officers are now targets.

“With five cops shot in Dallas and now three in Baton Rouge, it is an attempt at anarchy,” Judge Jeanine said. “My fear is that the attempt to kill cops- and the killing of cops- is now becoming normalized. It’s now becoming legitimized.”

She said that it all starts at the top with President Obama, who all too often sides with criminals and anti-police activists instead of law enforcement.

“The police officers- as everyone has said- are one line of defense between a civilized society and anarchy.”

What Judge Jeanine has said is totally accurate, and President Obama’s obligation is to reprimand organizations like BLM and label them as domestic, racist terror organizations. But naturally, Obama will remain indifferent, just like before. He is the complete opposite of Bush. People may not have liked him, but at least George W. would have dealt with organizations like BLM properly, and label them properly.

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