Judge Jeanine Reveals How Hillary ‘Accidentally Deleted’ Her Emails. BRUTAL!

You gotta leave it to Judge Jeanine Pirro to show exactly what is wrong with the justice system in our government.

The now infamous decision by the FBI and its director James Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her email scandal. It has come to light recently that she and her staff destroyed BlackBerry phones, PDAs, iPads, and laptops for a reason that was never disclosed. Comey said that after his and the FBI’s investigation, there was – get this – no intent on wrongdoing on the Clinton staff’s part. Honestly, it’s pretty clear why you could physically destroy a phone with a hammer.

In fact, here’s Judge Jeanine doing exactly that. And she has a message for James Comey as well.

That’s pretty clear cut. If you want to hide evidence, destroy electronics, and you use a hammer there is 100% intent on doing so and for, likely, a nefarious reason. Let’s keep going with this. Honestly, it might not get anywhere legally, but to show things like this might help sway some voters and keep Hillary out of the oval office.

We have to get the word out that Hillary is NOT to be trusted, especially with the well being of the entire United States. Who’s with me?!

H/T: YesImRight.com

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