Judge Jeanine’s Explosive Opening Statement on the Worldwide Revolution

“What happened in England is going to happen again. Next stop, the United States!”, proclaims Judge Jeanine Pirro, the fiery Fox News host and contributor, regarding the Brexit victory.

Her commentary on the Brexit vote takes a look at the thwarting of the establishment in British and compares it to the chagrin of the American people who are done with the establishment and backing Donald Trump.

Just as the UK voted to take back their sovereign control, unwilling to leave it in the hands of old men playing politician in Brussels,  Judge Jeanine says that Americans don’t want “an internationalist country, world banks and globalization of our economy, a country with no border and no identity…”   While pointing at the camera and speaking specifically to the progressives, Obama and Hillary, she declared, “you are not allowed to change the identity of this country!  Americans want a nation-state!  Our country with a history of freedom is combined with a history of responsibility, yet our proud history, even out money is being rewritten to accommodate a new world view.”

Just as the British voted to remove themselves from the EU, tired of being dictated to by un-elected, stodgy old men in Brussels, Americans are also demonstrating a similar stance by getting behind the non-establishment face of Donald Trump.

Judge Jeanine breaks down Brexit and says the movement is coming to America and the world.

“What happened in England is going to happen again. Next stop, the United States. Next president, Donald J. Trump. What happened in the U.K. this week is just the beginning. The world is changing and all you elite establishment, ruling class, condescending, Washington big wigs who think you know better than ordinary Americans are out. Start packing. Your days are numbered,” Judge Pirro said.

“When our president’s first response to an American getting his head cut off is to show up in a golf cart and then keep on golfing; when he and his attorney general’s response to Americans being killed by Muslim terrorists is to stand up for Muslims, then it’s time to take our country back,” Judge Jeannie said.

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