Judge Napolitano Drops A BOMBSHELL…Obama Could Now Be Called In Because Of Hillary’s Emails

While some pundits choose to downplay or ignore the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private, unsecured email server during her stint as secretary of state, Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has repeatedly stressed the severity of the potential liability for Clinton and the depth of the evidence against her.

In a recent appearance on the cable news network, Napolitano told host Shepard Smith that the witness list in the FBI probe could include big names all the way up to the man to whom Hillary reported when she ran the State Department — President Obama.

And as more is learned about what the former secretary of state did with regard to her email communications — and what she has said about what she did — the issue of trust looms ever larger in the minds of voters.

“I am fairly confident that some of those top secret emails that Mrs. Clinton sent and received came from and went back to the president,” Napolitano said. “If he didn’t know where they were going and if he’s not a witness in this case, I don’t know who else might be.”

Having previously forecast the imminent conclusion of the FBI’s investigation into the likely Democrat presidential nominee, the judge went on to declare the case against Clinton is “about to come to an end.”

Within days, Napolitano continued, the former first lady will be in the hot seat across from federal agents.

“As soon as the New Jersey and California primaries are over on Tuesday,” he said, “she will have her interview. She says she’s looking forward to it. She can’t possibly be looking forward to it. They know a lot more about this case — the people interrogating her — than she does.”

These investigators, stressed Fox News’ senior judicial analyst, are going to want an opportunity to present their findings to a grand jury. To that end, he predicted, Attorney General Loretta Lynch will encounter resistance should she attempt to prevent Clinton’s indictment.

“There will soon be a great deal of pressure from some of the most important professionals in the FBI to allow prosecutors to present this evidence to the grand jury and let the grand jury decide whether or not to indict,” Napolitano concluded.

As for Obama’s role in how the email scandal plays out, Napolitano speculated it could be more influential than just as a potential witness.

Assuming the president’s emails were found among those on Clinton’s private server, Napolitano wondered if he could “participate in the decision whether or not this case goes to the grand jury.”

Legally speaking, he explained Lynch should have the final say.

“This should not reach the White House,” he declared.

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