Just As Orlando Shooter Opened Fire, His Father Posted Something Shocking Online That’s Turning…

As authorities continue their investigation into Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen and his possible ties to radical Islamic terror groups, we are now learning that Mateen’s father, an Afghan immigrant, used to host an anti-American TV show.

Seddique Mateen, who once referred to the Taliban as “Our warrior brothers,” shows up in multiple anti-American internet videos. One such video was posted to Facebook near the time of his son’s alleged crime, in which he salutes the camera wearing combat fatigues.

In the videos, Mateen’s father speaks Dari language, and he was rambling in the aforementioned video, so his intended message is unclear. The Facebook video was posted near 2 a.m., right around the time Omar Mateen was allegedly shooting up the club in Orlando.

The best that anybody has been able to do so far is an automated translation of the video, which supposedly equated to: ‘To the people revolution in Afghanistan, migration is in danger 2016-11-6.”

The Washington Post reports Mateen’s father posted a YouTube video last year proclaiming his candidacy for Afghan president, although the election had already taken place the previous year.

The elder Mateen hosted the Durand Jirga Show. Videos of the show can be found on YouTube. The name of the show is a reference to the “Durand Line,” the Afghsnistan-Pakistan border that has long been controversial.

An Associated Press report quotes a former Afghan official as saying the Durand Jirga Show  was best known for containing “anti-U.S. tirades” and “pro-Taliban” comments.

h/t: New York Post

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