Just Before Debate Tonight, Hillary Sends Out This Email Already Making Excuses For Defeat

The debate stage for tonight is set and it’s expected to be the most watched debate in history. Trump is ready to roll while Hillary is panicking by sending out emails already making excuses for the beating she is about to take.

Hillary sent out the following email just a few hours ago outlining the reason Trump is going to win, but tries to spin it as Trump being held to a lower standard.

Here is the email copy sent by Hillary…

Friend —

Going into this first debate, Trump’s team is playing the expectations game. As we learned from The New York Times, his team is actively cataloging his shortcomings to any reporter who will listen in hopes that a barely competent performance will be seen as an overachievement.

Every campaign tries to do this on some level. But Trump’s crew would have us believe that the mere act of remaining stationary will prove a challenge for the Republican nominee. Seriously — read this:

Some Trump advisers are concerned that he underestimates the difficulty of standing still, talking pointedly and listening sharply for 90 minutes.

If Trump’s team has its way, journalists will judge his performance a success if he manages to stand still, listens to the moderator, and refrains from initiating a physical altercation.

Then we’ll hear about his big win for days. Momentum will swing his way, along with money, volunteers, and support.

Hillary’s not just up against Trump. She’s matched up against every observer who wants to hold Trump to a lower standard and grade this election on a curve. That’s why we have to keep stressing how important it is to have her back on Monday.

Here is a screen shot of the email…


The email ends by begging for money with buttons you can click to donate various amounts.

H/T: ProudCons

Clearly, Hillary is in pure panic mode heading into this debate and is scrambling to figure out a way to navigate through Trump in front of the entire nation tonight.

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