JUST IN – Amb. Stevens’ Fiancé Just Dropped THIS Truth Bomb on Hillary, It’s BAD

Hillary is now taking fire from another source, and I doubt she ever expected this to happen.

The former fiancé of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Lydie Denier, went on Newsmax Prime and stated, “If we cannot trust her for Americans, how can we trust her for the whole country?”

Denier just penned a book about her fiancé called, “A Voice for Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.”

From what I have seen and heard of the new book, she is extremely critical of Clinton and even goes so far as to wonder what Hillary would have done had the Ambassador been Chelsea rather than Stevens.

Her most damning statement of the interview, at least for me, was “What happened to Chris will never happen again. It cannot happen again.”

She continued, “This was a big mistake and that mistake should never, never happen again.”

Unfortunately, for all of America, this is a very real danger if We the People allow this woman to be elected as President of the United States.

Hilary has destroyed the lives of so many people, and it is the voices of these individuals that are finally coming forward to let Americans know what Hillary is really like.

Denier is but one of the people whose lives were impacted that day.

We also hear from the parents and widow of the other three heroes that fell that day.

Sadly, that tragedy was one that could have been avoided altogether had our representatives acted quicker without actually worrying about political repercussions.

Publications like this and others can say what they want, but our voice is not always heard by the undecided voter.

However, voices like Denier reverberate far and wide and will have a huge influence on voters that value the life of our representatives and soldiers.

Once they hear the pain in her voice, and the voice of others who have had their lives ruined by the Clintons, I just don’t see how there is any way Hillary can win this election.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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