JUST IN – CNN Chief Orders COMPLETE Blackout of THIS Clinton Scandal

The mainstream media wouldn’t try to keep news from the American people just because it painted a Clinton in an unflattering light, right? Of course they would, but the days of a news outlet trying to hide a story are long over—the internet and a skeptical public took care of that.

CNN top boss, Jeff Zucker, ordered the cable news network to NOT cover the Bill Clinton love child story about Danney Williams, according to Drudge Report. “Jeff thinks it is a ridiculous hoax,” a source from the network said.

A story’s complete lack of credibility has not seemed to stop CNN in the past—when it is about Donald Trump. Without outrageous Trump rumors and speculation, the second-ranked cable news channel would have had a whole lot of dead air time over the past several months.

“I always felt bad about Bill Clinton not wanting to be in my life,” Danney Williams said in a video released earlier this week. “Was it because I am black? Was there something wrong with me? It made me think sometimes even of suicide. It’s not fair, and it has been hurtful.”

As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, Danney Williams has been desperately trying to connect with his father for many years. A Star tabloid report claimed several years ago that a DNA test had occurred and proven the Bill Clinton love child claims false, but we now know no such test ever took place.

The tabloid claimed to have garnered Clinton’s DNA from the blue dress Monica Lewinsky was wearing during her own romp with Bill. It is impossible to believe the evidence in the president’s impeachment was shared with a cheesy tabloid for private DNA testing for an article.

When the Star tabloid report about the DNA test ran, the magazine was owned by an old pal of Bill and Hillary Clinton—one who was ultimately appointed to a lush post but was there only briefly before being forced to resign amid an ethics scandal.

“Hillary, please do not deny I exist. I am your stepson,” Danney Williams also said in the same now viral video. Neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton have ever addressed Williams’s claims publicly.

Danney Williams first went public with his story during the 1990s. Like all children, he wanted to know where he came from and get the chance to at least meet both of his parents. Williams’s mom was a prostitute in Arkansas when she allegedly met and had sex with Bill Clinton.

The old love child story once again began garnering scrutiny in April. Buddy Young, a former Arkansas state trooper came forward and admitted both he and a fellow trooper were each paid $400 to drive then Governor Bill Clinton to meet Bobbi Ann Williams.

Bill Clinton allegedly first encountered Bobbi Ann Williams while out on a jog. The state troopers allegedly drove the governor to a secluded and more rural area to the home of a relative of Williams’s for their sexual encounters.

Why do you think Bill Clinton won’t submit to a DNA test to disprove the love child allegations by Danney Williams? If he has nothing to hide, he could easily put the story to rest once and for all.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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