JUST IN – Howard Stern STANDS UP For Trump, Exposes 1 SICK Media Lie

It goes without saying the mainstream media has transformed from a community that delivers verifiable information to the public to a community of political activists. Every article and every headline has to be vetted by the consumer for accuracy and truthfulness. One in a countless number of examples comes in a protest by superstar shock jock Howard Stern about a gross misrepresentation that made it all the way to headlines.

Stern lashed out against CNN for a headline that falsely claimed he confirmed Donald Trump supported the Iraq War. In rebuking CNN’s claim, Stern said, “I don’t know how CNN came up with that headline,” Brietbart reports.

CNN, along with MSNBC, are the most egregious perpetrators of propagandized news in this election cycle. They are closely followed by the New York Times, which actively calls for the defeat of Donald Trump. Most all other television and cable news organization are at the Times’s heals.

Ironically—and perhaps stupidly—CNN picked on the wrong person when it decided to put words into someone’s mouth. Stern has made a career out of disemboweling people who try to capitalize off of his image and words. The CNN muckities should have known they were setting themselves up for retribution when they misused Stern’s attribution.

The story centers on a 2002 interview Stern conducted with Donald Trump, then a private citizen with no political aspirations. Stern asked Trump if he supported the Iraq War. Trump, almost uninterested in the question, said, “Yeah, sure.” That was the extent of Trump’s pro-Iraq War declaration.

Now, because the Clinton campaign needs to deflect from the fact Hillary Clinton actually voted to authorize the Iraq War, Trump’s two words from 2002 are in the headlines. The Clinton campaign is trying to demonize Trump for an opinion, while she voted to send our sons and daughters, father and mothers into harm’s way.

CNN, ran a misleading story claiming Stern confirmed Trump supported the Iraq War, but as we can see, the “support” was nothing more than what everyone else was espousing – including Hillary Clinton – at the time.

After the first presidential debate, where the Stern interview was mentioned as proof of Trump’s support for the war, CNN.com ran a story with the headline “Howard Stern Says Trump Backed Iraq War In 2002.” The only problem is Stern never said a word about the interview. In fact, he was never asked about it.

“I got so upset because, you know, let’s face it, tapes from our show featuring Donald Trump have been used in the campaign,” Stern said on his program earlier this week. “I was talking to Robin on the air, and I said to her, yeah, you know it was really surreal sorta laying there in bed and watching them mention my name on the debate. And I said, ‘Yeah, Trump was on our show, and he was talking…I asked him about the Iraq war, and he said that he was for it’…then there was a big screaming headline on CNN: ‘Howard Stern Now Confirms’…I said nothing new!

Stern emailed Trump and explained he has never been asked to comment on the story and that CNN was taking a huge amount of liberty in saying he had. He said he could confirm Trump was on the show and the audio being used was from his show. “That much I can confirm,” Stern said. “That’s all I was saying. That’s why they mentioned me at the debate, but I don’t know how CNN came up with that headline.”

This is the kind of disingenuous “reporting” that has become all too common in this election cycle. It doesn’t inform anyone of anything truthful. Instead, it advances sensationalist propaganda for the purposes of creating ratings and skewing an election.

There is an epidemic of sensationalist reporting in the mainstream media and on the internet. It is all constructed to generate revenue, the truth be damned. This is not what our Framers were considering when they included freedom of the press into the Bill of Rights. They wanted a free “truth to power” avenue. Now, the greed merchants are sensationalizing the news for power and profit. They have become the power over the truth.

And our republic suffers for it… greatly.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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