JUST IN: Lefty Billionaire George Soros Group HACKED, Hundreds Of Emails Show…

The hackers strike again.

The latest victim is billionaire leftist George Soros, whose advocacy groups were infiltrated and hundreds of emails released.

The little-known (until recently) site DCLeaks has released 2,576 files from Soros’ groups like the Open Society Foundation.

Introducing their “leaks,” they paint a picture of Soros as an evil oligarch, funding government coups and violent insurrection worldwide. They even have a rather dastardly looking photo of him.

“George Soros is a Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, political activist and author who is of Hungarian-Jewish ancestry and holds dual citizenship. He drives more than 50 global and regional programs and foundations. Soros is named as the architect and sponsor of almost every revolution and coup around the world for the last 25 years.

Thanks to him and his puppets USA is thought to be a vampire, not a lighthouse of freedom and democracy. His slaves spill blood of millions and millions people just to make him even more rich. Soros is an oligarch sponsoring Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, hundreds of politicians all over the world.

This website is designed to let everyone take a look at restricted documents of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and related organisations. It represents workplans, strategies, priorities and other activities of Soros. These documents shed light on one of the most influential network operating worldwide.”

The documents are from many of Soros’ organizations and are categorized geographically.

The documents range from 2008 to this year, The Daily Caller is reporting.

Documents in the leak range from research papers such as “SOMALIS IN EUROPEAN CITIES PORTFOLIO REVIEW” to specific financials of grants.

DCLeaks previously released emails from Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, the  supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe. The emails showed Breedlove upset with Obama’s reluctance to address Russian aggression.

Officials speculate that “DCLeaks” is really a Russian-backed “hacktivist” site.

Over the last month and a half, ThreatConnect has authored a number of blog posts pulling at strands of a nebulous Russian spiderweb of malicious infrastructure – one data point at a time.  Along the way, we’ve built off of the work other researchers have done and have engaged with a handful of journalists who are eager to get to the bottom of the story. We assess the Guccifer 2.0 persona that surfaced after the DNC breach was announced in June is a Russian creation to maximize the impact of strategic leaks.

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