JUST IN: Police Reveal Details About The Motives Of Dallas Shooters

In what has become the deadliest single day for law enforcement since 9/11, 5 police officers were killed and 7 wounded in an ambush style attack during an otherwise peaceful protest on Thursday evening in Dallas, Texas. Two civilians were also wounded during the attack. Dallas police are reporting that three suspects are currently in custody, and one was killed during a standoff with officers.

In a press conference on Friday morning, Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown revealed details about the motives of at least one of the attackers. According to Brown, during a standoff with police the deceased suspect said that he was upset “by recent police shootings”, “black lives matter”, “white people” and declared that “he wanted to kill people, especially white officers.”

Despite the fact that multiple suspects are currently in police custody, the deceased suspect also told police that he was “not affiliated with any groups” and that he “did this alone.”

Although earlier reports had suggested the one suspect had killed himself, police are now reporting that the deceased was killed when officers detonated an explosive device attached to a bomb defusing robot.

The police are not currently revealing any other details about the suspects who are in custody due to the fact that this is an ongoing criminal investigation. It has been reported that the suspects are not cooperating with investigators.

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