JUST IN: They Got Chelsea Clinton! This Will Ruin Hillary’s Campaign!

The Liberal party and its members claim that they care about the environment and the ‘global-warming’. Well folks, we have evidence that they are all hypocrites and the biggest hypocrites in that party are the Clintons.

They present themselves as a family that cares about the environment, unless they have to travel. Here is how Chelsea Clinton traveled on her latest trip to Asheville.

VIA The Political Insider 

This is what liberal hypocrisy looks like. Just like her mother, Chelsea Clinton is shameless

Chelsea Clinton is being criticized after she took a private jet to get to a clean energy roundtable.

The daughter of the Democratic nominee was seen boarding a private plane after she campaigned on behalf of her mother at an event in Greenville, N.C.

She was headed for Asheville — a five hour drive from Greenville — to push Hillary Clinton’s clean energy and jobs plan at the “Clean Energy Roundtable.”

Why drive for 5 hours when you can fly in style? Bill and Hillary do it, as does Al Gore. Apparently, elites don’t have to be concerned about pollution, as long as they continue preaching their pseudo-science.

Let’s share this everywhere folks and expose them!

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