Just In: Top Repub Breaks From His Party To Make Unexpected Announcement About Trump

The Republican Party’s internecine war flared again Tuesday as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker proclaimed that delegates to the Republican National Convention should be able to vote for whoever they choose.

“I think historically, not just this year, delegates are and should be able to vote the way they see fit,” Walker said Tuesday, echoing House Speaker Paul Ryan’s call that delegates should vote their conscience at the convention.

Ryan, who will chair the convention, on Sunday said, “It is not my job to tell delegates what to do, what not to do, or to weigh in on things like that. They write the rules. They make their decisions.”

Walker’s comments were in sync with what the Washington Post called the GOP’s “free the delegates” movement. The Post reported that at least 400 delegates support the idea.

“Short-term, yes, there’s going to be chaos,” said Kendal Unruh, a co-founder of the group Free the Delegates. “Long-term this saves the party and we win the election. Everything has to go through birthing pains to birth something great. We’re going to go through the trauma of the birthing pains, but the reward will be worth it.”

The Colorado Republican called her supporters “the non-rabble rousers.”

“The rule-following, churchgoing grandmas who aren’t out protesting in the streets — This is the way they push back,” she said.

The mechanism for the movement is a rule change that would not require delegates to vote for who they are pledged to support — thus negating the entire primary process — and throw the convention wide open.

Not everyone believes there will be action to match the talk.

“I’ve also heard about Area 51, I’ve heard about Elvis sightings, I’ve heard a lot of things,” RNC spokesman Sean Spicer said. “The extent of this effort is a bunch of random people tweeting about it, full stop.”

h/t: The Hill

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